Our apparel merchandising objective is to achieve maximum quality of products. Thus, our merchandising team always focuses on quality trims and accessories.


What Is Apparel Merchandising?


It is the practice performed by Apparel Merchandisers leading to the sale of an exporter’s apparel to a customer. In general, the merchandiser is the link between the exporter and the overseas customer. How that link is developed leading to a potential lead or sale is called Merchandising.


Merchandising is not as simple as it sounds. The merchandising department is responsible for the collection of orders, understanding the requirements of that order and finally delivering the order meeting the standards proclaimed by the buyer. Apparel merchandisers are very valuable departments, these departments are the media through which wholesale manufacturers and buyers do business.


Apparel merchandising needs to be performed by professional merchandisers who understand the quality and cost of fabrics, trims and accessories. Thus, is able to source apparel based on buyer requirements.


Fair Pricing Regime


It is also important to keep the cost as reasonable as possible. We believe the comparison is the only way to ensure quality and reasonable price. Therefore, we have listed approx 50% of top-level suppliers in Bangladesh and China and our merchandising team used modern technology software for procurement and purchasing. With this software, they can invite our supplier to submit their costing and offers for a particular part of the product then our merchandisers make a comparison to choose the best quality and costing.

Good merchandising is the key to the successful execution of a customer’s request. Each customer is allocated to a business team that is responsible for making sure that the customer’s requirements are properly understood and executed in close coordination with the factories. This business team is the main contact point of the customer, and the key members of this team often travel to the customer to improve their understanding of the customer’s needs and the market.


Meet Professional Merchandisers


Our merchandisers are all experienced professionals, most of them having specific factory experience which enables them to understand the requirements of the customers, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the factories. The business team is expected to contribute to the customer, not only in terms of communication and follow-up but also in terms of making a better product that sells well at the point of sale.